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**Protecting Annuitants**


 “Alive and Well Investigations” detected fraud and identity theft while at the same time protect annuitants and the financial resources of institutions. 

 Elderly abuse may be detected during an “Alive and Well Investigation”.    This investigation” is an active internal control mechanism to remove a deceased annuitant off of the rolls.

 Annuitant checks need protection, recently the Veteran’s Administration, reported their annuity program is often perpetrated by relatives, friends and neighbors of the disabled and or the deceased.

 Due to the number of checks being sent out each month, red flags are not always noticed.   Annuitant check fraud can go on for years if there is not an active control mechanism.  A field contact investigation is the only method to be assured the rightful person is receiving their disability or annuity checks and the funds are used as intended.  These contacts visits can be both announced and unannounced visits.


Investigative  Objectives  &  Goals

                     a.  Perform a house visit and check on their well being of the annuitant.

                     b.   Verify their identity and make certain they are receiving the bi-monthly or monthly

         c.    Have the annuitant sign a form stating their identity and that they are receiving their      

         d.     The investigation will recommend a future course of action.


Investigation Method:

 The following tasks are performed:

a.       Death Index search on the annuitant’s name,

b.       Credit header on their SSN to verify the name and address,

c.       Check public sources for obituary postings,

d.       Check civil filings for and changes in status such as in

law suits, marriages, judgments, etc.

e.      Confirm annuitant’s last known addresses and phone numbers.

f.        Monitor the residence and secure vehicle information. 

g.       Determine if mail is being delivered at the specific address. 

h.        Note the condition of the residence. 

i.          Attempt to determine if the annuitant is active.

j.          Meet and interview the annuitant. 

1)        Determine if checks are coming on time, at the correct address and in the correct amount.

2)        List health concerns, medications, etc

3)        Name of treating doctor,

4)        Name of nearest relative or person with the power of attorney.

Concluding Remarks:

 In the majority of cases, family members will file a report when their annuitant (relative) passes away.  This report is to stop sending out the checks each month, however, this does not always happen.

 There are times when relatives, friends and neighbors continue to deposit checks and access the financial account of the deceased.  They are using funds they are not entitled to have.  

 Please contact our office for additional information.

 Sample  Form

Jane Doe
  1234 Fifth St.
  Anytown, CA.

Claim #:       1234567
  Annuitant:    Jane Doe

 Dear Jane Doe:

In order to continue sending your checks, we must have your signature, current address and other   information listed below.  Please complete the following in your own handwriting so that we may verify delivery of your checks.  Your prompt response is appreciated.


 Date of Birth:                                                     SSN: 

Phone Number:                                                 Street Address:

                                                                             City, State, ZIP Code




We will be sending a representative to your home to collect this note.  
The representative will be Mr. Tom Curnett.

Thank you in advance of your cooperation.




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